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When Your Kid Enters Boarding School For the First Time

Such a long hiatus.

Twenty-three years ago, after December school holidays in 1992, my parents sent me to one of the semi-boarding school in Penang. Now, half a lifetime later, my 13-year-old son followed my footsteps. I am half-hearted in letting him stay faraway from us, but since he wants it and numerous times showed his enthusiasm and encouraged by his dad, I had to agree. So, on 23rd March 2017 for the first time, we stepped our foot to MARA Junior Science College Kuantan. If I am not mistaken, boy is enrolled for the fifth intake.

I got a text message on Thursday, two days before school holiday. We have approximately a week to prepare for everything. As I packed his stuff and wonder am I ready? Is 13-year-old suitable to live by himself? Can he managed? Can I live in worry everyday what's going to happen to my son? There's too much negative and bad news I heard about boarding school that makes me worry.

I was assured by my husband that everything will be just fine. Boy will…