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Family Picture

Thinking of getting us a GoPro. It would be lovely if everyone can fit in and someone is not CROPPED! Picture was taken on Sunday 29th March, 11.50AM at Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. The 34 years old parents, the 11 years old boy, 3 year old girl and 16 months old baby girl.

Our Lunch Date

2015 will be our 5th year together. But I only had known to have 'lunch date' with Mr. Fruitheart after three kids! When it was one, we can have our date anytime. After the second one was born, it gets a little bit hard. And when we have our last baby, it become harder. We have three tiny people in between us. HAHA.

Since we are working near each other, we can plan our lunch date. The plan is to have once or twice a month. Yesterday, we had our lunch date at Little Penang Kafe, KLCC. We reached there at around 11.45AM and the place were quite full. Wait till you see the crowd at 12.15PM. People willing to queue for 15 minutes!
He looks slimmer in this picture. He had Jawa mee and ice coffee. He is so into coffee and nescafe now.
And here is the lovely wife. She is forever slim even after three children. I am trying to get 50KG, but the weigh machine still tells me I am 46. Blergh!

I had curry mee and air bandung. That pink coloured water. We had pie tee as side dish, yummy!

Total: …

10 Goals for This Week #14 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goals

Week 14 already? Yeah, March gonna end soon and it is less than 100 days to Ramadhan 2015. And I am going to be thirty-4 in 2 months! Sheesh.

I went to bed at 12 last night. My groceries from TESCO online came pretty late, at 10.30PM. Ssome of my orders are not there too. I should have just go to sleep after the guy came, but I was hooked with the CSI series so bad last night that I wanted to know who the killer is. HAHA. Terus segar bugar mata kan.

I managed to get 2 days of fasting. Yay! I have another 6 days to go. A bit disappointed when I didn't get a chance to try out new breakfast recipe that I have saved. I may need more than 24 hours a day to cover. HEHE.

Here are this week's goals:

Less yelling and listen more to my children. (You don't know how guilty I am on this one!)
Lunch date with husband.
Hug and say I love you to my children and husband any time of the day.
Spend less time on chores so I can concentrate on my children.

Home management:

Short Stay at The Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson

Our first mini holiday for this year. More to come as Mr. Fruitheart promised me. *wink and smile broadly*

We stayed for 1 night at Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson. It was a really nice place to stay. Our room was not ready when we came at 3PM. We have to wait for about 20 minutes. So we enjoyed looking at the yachts. That feeling of rich and famous suddenly came to mind. HAHA.
8th floor, king size bed fits the parents and their 2 small daughters. One extra bed for the boy. He also can fit on the king size bed, but he chose not to sleep with his sisters who will then kick his face. Room is clean, spacious, well furnished and beautifully decorated. We liked it very much. My children loves hotel. So the first thing they did was exploring the room. At 5PM, we went down to the pool. Unfortunately, it was raining. Everyone was stuck not knowing what to do next. Luckily, there is a Child Room and it was opened. So we had fun doing indoor activities. My boy and girl did sand art, it was RM5…


Every one knows what is the meaning of responsible am I right? It means - having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone, as part of one's job or role. (Typed in Google and you'll find it yeah).

Here I am venting about my work AGAIN. I am the type of person who takes my work seriously. I am the type of person who will provide my best to finish every task at hand and not going to hand it over to someone else to complete without valid reason. I don't like half way work. I will do from the beginning until the end.

So I told my dear self today, "You have been forbidden to do someone's else work when you knew it will eventually handed to you to finish it. Say NO!"

Part of me couldn't care less now.

It's difficult if you set a high standard and others can't follow it. So, back off a little bit and do your own work. Take care of your own butt! Do not be a star, because at the end of the day.. the same person might take advan…

8 Goals for This Week #13 2015 + Update on Last 2 Week's Goals

I have few stuff that I wanted to blog about, but I was away for 2 days (long weekends!)and I have a lot of deadlines to complete. Sheesh! Life has never been less full for me.
It is always full. I'm occupied with activities.

We spent a great time with my family at my father's house. We had our 100 days prayer for my late mother. Alhamdulillah, everything went well despite some drama with my aunties. Oh well, we can never satisfy everyone, right? Since it was a week school holiday, boy got to spend the week with his cousins. He went for a movie with my baby brother and got a Lego. Oh yeah, he was a happy kid!

Ya know, if we are given the chance to have 1 day between Saturday and Sunday.. I will name it SNOOZEday. I am so wish to have a longer day off from work. SOON!

Here are this week's goals:

Spend quality and fun time with family members on our short trip. (Weekend at PD!).
Set appointment with Cambridge for boy's placement test.
Say I love you to…

TAWC - Short and Simple

So, umm.. my life was full last week. And I have decided to cook simple meals for the family. We still have about a week of our last 2 week's meals. It took me 2 hours from chopping, peeling, washing, cooking and cleaning. Phew! I've been told by my son to slow down and relax, take a breath. HAHA. Well, boy.. that's not gonna happen to your mother. She will not stop until her work is done. I cooked chicken soup (3 packs), sambal daging (3 packs), sambal ikan bilis (4 packs) and asam pedas ikan kembung for lunch. I still have a batch of ikan kembung and ikan cencaru which still not cooked. I tak tahu macam mana nak siang ikan cencaru! Macam mana nak buang kulit keras itu? Uwaaa! I'm planning to cook asam pedas ikan cencaru on next weekend. The remaining ikan kembung? Goreng saja. P/S: I feel like want to buy a slow cooker. What do you think? Yay or nay?

5 Goals for This Week #11 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goals

WOW! weekend went fast. It is already Monday. My life was full on weekend. Please read it as BUSY.

We had to clean up the house after the contractor came to put on the grille. Yeah, only after 2 years staying at our condo, we finally get it. And on that morning too, I had to cook for our 2 weeks meal. I only stopped doing everything at 9PM. Slept at 2AM. Gosh! And woke up with a severe back ache. Maybe I should give my fave Doc Twink a visit.

Ramadhan is approaching and I still have 8 days left to cover. I didn't get any day last week. Sheesh.

Here are this week's goals:

Less yelling and frustration with my children.

Home management:
Wash and fold clothes everyday except Thursday and Friday. We are going back to my hometown yay!

Try new recipe for breakfast.
Make up the day that I missed fasting on last year's Ramadhan.

Say I love you to husband anytime of the day.


Son and School

I have reminded my dear self numerous times that it is OK to feel frustrated about something. So that I don't feel lousy or crappy. Or some might tell me, I'm being unreasonably childish.
I am bit frustrated at myself when I can't convince my son to go to his afternoon school. He refused to go because he had misplaced one of his books. It is just a book you can replace it with a new one, I told him. The main issue here is, the teacher who is teaching the subject is the discipline teacher and yeah, I totally understand he is afraid of him. He hates it when someone scolded him. Well who likes it anyway?

He cried yesterday night before sleep, arguing with me and refuse to go to school. Today morning he cried again and told me to inform Mr. Fruitheart about it. If he didn't go to school, daddy will scold him. If he goes to school without the book also he will be scolded. Tersepit anak!

I don't have a very good negotiation skill that can persuade my boy to face the situati…

SOLD! Preloved Baby Stuff - The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper

Finally, the item has been posted to a new owner. In Labuan. Hehe. Here is the original post about it: Preloved Baby Stuff - The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper I hope it arrived safely to her, the expecting mother who is due to deliver her baby end of March. P/S: I need to sorted out my baby's old clothes. Their wardrobe need space.

Lunch Date

I've been reading a lot of articles on the Internet on how to spend more quality time with your partner. We are entering our 5th year and yes, I feel that we do not spend much time with each other. We are more into our children! Everything is about them. HAHA.
After 3 kids, the space between me and my husband are getting bigger. Kurang kasih sayang ye kau Fara?

I have started to have a lunch date with Mr. Fruitheart beginning of the year. I should've done this ages ago, why only now? Blergh. Well, better late than never.

Last month we had lunch at Ben's KLCC and today we had our lunch at Nandos. The best part of our lunch date, I have to sent meeting invite to my own husband and blocked his calendar. He is a busy MAN. He will be busy after this too. But he is not even a CEO. Eh?

As the clock nearing 11.30AM, I have the heebie-jeebies. What the heck? It was like going on a first date. Hands sweating, heart beating faster and oh the smile. HAHA. I am glad I still have it. If not…

6 Goals for This Week #10 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goal

I have a very short weekend, it was like not having any weekend at all. On Saturday we spent the whole day at my MIL's house. My boy had extra co-curricular activities at school until 11AM. After that, we attended a wedding. Later in the evening we had barbecue, like a family get together session. Arrived home at 9.30PM.

I woke up the next morning with a really bad backache. It must have been because of the wrong position when I slept or could be that I carried my girls. So.. I have limited myself from doing house chores and just rest.

I managed to get just 1 day for the days that I missed fasting. I planned to do it on Monday, unfortunately I didn't wake up on time. Let's try again this week shall we?

Here are this week's goals:

Start reading short story book to the girls.

Home management:
Figure out meal plan for week 10 and organize shopping list.
Cook for our 2 weeks meal.
Fold clothes that is pending for 2 weeks. Yikes!

Make up the day that I missed fast…