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Cranky Baby, Cranky Mama

My baby girl is one month old now. I quoted this from "Newborn babies are hard work. Being the parent of a newborn who cries a lot even harder work." Parents out there especially mothers know what I mean. Not enough sleep during night and have to breastfeed the little one with one eye open is one hard thing to do. Yeah you can guess I once fell asleep while feeding her.
My baby girl usually sleeps during day. The issue here is, she cries when we want to put her to sleep during night but that doesn't happen during day time. She can sleep by herself after I fed her. She even fell asleep while I fed her sometimes! I am OK if she wakes up and decided .. 'Hey mama, wake up and let's play rocking-chair'. But what makes me stressed is she cried instead.
Not only babies can go cranky, mothers too. Especially when you don't get enough sleep and fatigue. There are times I feel like I want to scream so loud. I tried my very best not to shout at kiddo an…

2012: Happy Father's Day

I totally forgot yesterday was Father's Day. So here's a big shout out to all fathers, daddies, papas, grandpas, atuk, appa, abi, abah, ayah out there. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

I know I had asked when is this year's Father's Day. 17th June 2012! The first person I wish was my father. I was at my parents house yesterday due to some emergency issue. While I was talking to my youngest sister then she mentioned about father's day.

Pity Mr. Fruitheart, I didn't wish him first. He is a father too! Sorry honey, blame my after-pregnancy-brain issue. Muahaha.. No we didn't celebrate. No eating out, no cakes, nothing. Oh well, I didn't have my mother's day celebration too. Maybe next year we will celebrate.

Happy 8th Birthday Adzreza Syahmie

My eldest son, the only son.. Adzreza Syahmie turned eight on 27th May last month. Since I am still on confinement and on recovery mode, I only updated the entry about it today.
Like every year kiddo would want a cake. Last year it was BR ice cream cake. This year, kiddo wanted to have an ANGRY BIRD cake. He saw one at AEON Wangsa Maju but I am not sure about the taste. He might not like it (I know I don't). I ordered from my friend's wife, since she is doing this pastry as part time. Kiddo had also requested the cake on 27th May and a cupcake to be given to his friends on 11th June when school starts. It was like having a simple treat for his friends. I liked the idea and I didn't know he could came out with one. Clever boy!
A little bit disappointing because the cake was supposed to be delivered on 27th, but my friend wrongly set the date to be on 28th :( Takkan lah I tak ingat my own son's birthday kan? So, on 28th during dinner time we sang again and cut the cake. So…

Nur Leia Arissa

Finally I have the time to sit in front of the laptop.
Yes, finally my little princess was born on 22nd May 2012 at 11.04am. We named her Nur Leia Arissa. She is very healthy, 3.4KG. I never thought that she would weight that much, because doc said it could be 3KG only. Oh tipah tertipu!
Kiddo was only 2.75KG when he was delivered. I didn't expect her little sister would be more than 3KG. I went for antenatal check up as usual on that day, and the doc asked if he can check whether I am dilated or not. He said 2cm. Uh oh! Sweating, nervous, panicked, freaked out.. you name it. Mixed feelings. Haha.. Yeah.. I know I had given birth before, but hey that was eight years ago! Mesti lah takut. But I don't have the sign yet. No water broke, no contractions. But, the night before my tummy really hurt. And I thought it was labour pain. Maybe it was labour pain, my whole tummy hurts and I remember doc said it was one of the sign. After a while it gone. So I continue sleep. Hehe. I was admit…