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Open Letter To My Girl

Dear baby,

This is the first time mummy wrote a letter to her children. Even your big brother has never gotten any letter from me. Shh.. don't tell him. Pinky promise?

First of all.. I would say you're hyperactive at this point of time. That is why I can no longer have my afternoon nap. All of us here.. mummy, daddy and your big bro Syahmie are so happy, excited and we can't wait to see you!

Although the EDD for you to arrived is on 26th May, which is one day before your big brother's birthday; daddy and your big brother kept asking.. when are you going to come out from mummy's tummy. They are very the tak sabar aren't they? I know you are taking your sweet time inside mummy's tummy. Enjoying every moment of it huh? Oh, and tickling my bladder during I'm walking is not cute OK?

You're 39 weeks old now. Last week the doc said most probably you will come out soon. Me and daddy were both anxious! Daddy had took a day off last Monday when we went for checku…

Baby's Stroller, Car Seat and Crib

At first we decided to buy these two most expensive item on our list after two months the baby comes out. But, due to the fact that both father and son excitement, they bought it without me. Sob sob. Actually, they did told me when they were at the shop. It's just that I am not there.

It's the day when both of them had their father and son moment. Watched movie - The Avengers. Place: Festival City. Mr. Fruitheart called and told me there was a baby's shop near Modernmum which we had never been to. Didn't noticed it at all. It was kiddo who told his daddy. 'Eh daddy, got another baby's shop.'

I told Mr. Fruitheart to ask for free gifts since we bought a lot from that store. We should get some discounts or free stuff right? Hehe. Oh and still under our budget. That is the most important thing.

So, enjoy the few pictures of the strollers, car seat and crib.

We bought the convertible crib for long term use. It can be adjusted to three different heights dependin…

Baby's Stuff - Second Round

I meant to update my blog every now and then.. however, the current condition and the feeling to type is not there. Oh, I have no idea where it went. All the passion have gone. It's not like when I was so very happy updating and always have something to tell during my wedding preparation. Ahh.. the hormone changes! Don't you agree?

So here I am after watching TV my favorite Korean drama as usual, I decided to update. I don't remember when exactly we went to buy baby's stuff for the second round. I think end of April. We went to Mothercare at KLCC. We bought some more baby's clothes, plus it's on SALE! Yay!

Basic stuff we bought - Baby booties and mittens, towel, blanket, napkins, set of pillows and bolster, newborn disposable pampers, baby wipes, toiletries, changing mat, feeding bottle and lots of bodysuits like below. Or some would called it romper.

I think we bought like ten bodysuits for baby to wear during day and for sleeping we bought the jumper. Mr. Fruith…

Kiddo Talks: My Mother The Senior Citizen

Sometimes we, especially women feels a bit sensitive when being told we're getting old or how we're being reminded.. "Eh, you're going to be 31 this year!" Some would replied.. "Yeah, so?".. "It's just a number." And the lists goes on.
Here's my story about how I got called "SENIOR CITIZEN" by my son. He's very naughty and loves to tease his mother. We just came back from our groceries shopping one day. Since I can't and were not allowed to carry those heavy bags.. I just walked straight to the front door holding only two small plastic bags. When I turned back, I saw kiddo came out from the car limping while carrying few small bags.

Kiddo: Aduh, beratnya. Sakit pinggang Syamie. (Sambil tangan ke belakang badan, macam orang tua berjalan).
Me: Haa.. tu perli mama la tu.
Kiddo: Mama kan senior citizen, tak larat nak bawa barang berat.
Me: Bertuah punya anak.
The other day, he teased me when I forgot things. I was preparing…